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Brain eating zombies and maniacal unicorns

Yep, a celebration of brain eating zombies and maniacal unicorns. Not my usual family photography blog post, but a very interesting one in my opinion. I met Josh through my good friend Andy many years ago while they were both in art school. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of Josh’s work and even have a piece of his hanging in my dining room. I gotta give a lot of credit to him. He’s always been very unique and this latest work of his is no exception. Anyone who attempts to create art for a living, gets a lot of respect from me.

So when I heard that Josh was having a solo showing up at Voltage Coffee and Art Gallery in Cambridge, I grabbed my camera and headed on up for opening night. My goal wasn’t so much to create my own art, but just to document this very cool event. I suggest checking it out if in the area.

For me to try and explain Josh’s art, or my impression of it, would definitely not do it justice. But I thought I’d post the words of the curator at Voltage, whom I thought put it well (photos following):

Joshua Baptista

Everything is okay

Most people would agree that there is a lot of heaviness in the world. Due to our unlimited access to global news and images of war, unemployment, boredom, natural disaster and heartbreaking tragedy, our intake quickly reaches a tipping point. Thinking about these issues too much results in immobilization. Too little – naivety. Joshua’s reaction is to create, and though his work he explores the moral juxtaposition of continuing to make beauty while the bad is so tangible. This raises the question – in these times, is it okay to take up a pencil and brush instead of arms?

From no lack of awareness and sensitivity comes a visual narrative by Joshua of epic battles, identifiable characters and repetitious patterns. Henry Darger escaped into a world of girl-child warriors to battle the evil; Joshua uses hoodlum zombies and reminiscent unicorns, pitted against each other in an unlikely dual, usually ending in the gluttonous slurping of brains. Why? Why not. The last thing we should apologize for are the dealings of our imagination; it is one of the few places we don’t have to edit and be rational. Through this body of work, Joshua manages the impending heaviness and weight with humor and rainbows.

Anna Schindelar

Curator, Voltage Coffee & Art

April 1 – May 14

Congrats to Josh. Great work.

Next up: Bartucca Family

More to come…



2 responses

  1. Anna Schindelar

    Hi PJ!
    Thank you for taking photos at the show! It was nice to meet you and you got some great shots.

    Take care! Hope to see you at our next opening!


    April 4, 2011 at 10:42 am

    • PJL

      Thanks Anna! It was a good time. Nice meeting you too. I’m sure I’ll stop by again some time.
      Take care.

      April 4, 2011 at 2:45 pm

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