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Deconstructed Fireworks

Last weekend was the 4th of July. It was filled with lots of cookouts, hanging out with family and friends, and all that good patriotic stuff. One thing that I really wanted to do is go and try to capture some fireworks. I could see it in my head. The huge fireworks lit up in the sky with the silhouetted people on blankets in the foreground. Unfortunately with the weather being kind of crappy down the cape, I wasn’t really given a good chance. Next year I’ll have to plan it ahead of time.

But that didn’t mean there were no fireworks at all. Good ol’ Ed came through with some fun small stuff. So I rolled with it and took some handheld shots for fun. I didn’t expect much when pulling them up on my computer later on, but I was slightly surprised. It was kind of like sitting around a bonfire getting mesmerized by the flames. Maybe not to that extent, but looking at the stuff I came up with from these small fireworks, I found it really cool to see all the detail and randomness within them.

So comes todays random Friday afternoon blog post, what I’m calling my deconstructed fireworks.

I’ll have some good stuff coming up over the next couple of months. Lots to look forward to, so stay tuned…

More to come…



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