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Fall Harpoon Dinner – Norwood, MA

AKA, the “Andy is Awesome” blog post (recommended title from the chef himself)

Mr. Dipace, he’s not only a good friend and was the best man at my wedding, but he’s also a kick ass chef.
He holds these dinners every once in a while at Sky Restaurant, where he’s the Executive Chef. He’s done wine dinner pairings, scotch dinner pairings, etc. So whenever he invites me to come document it, I jump on it. This time around it was a Harpoon beer dinner. Good beer, awesome food, and photography. Add in some good live music and I think that’d make the perfect night for me.
So I tried to step up my game a bit this time around in order to better show off Andy’s great food. I had a lot of fun with this one, so here are a few from the night:

Starting off with the Chef’s Fall Board – St. Agur blue cheese crisp, poached pears, smoked country sausage, micro peppercress, black mission fig jam, sliced fig bulee. Paired up with Apfelweizen Harpoon Cider.

Next up was Gumbo – Smoked shrimp and crawfish gumbo with golden beets, candied pumpkin seeds, gruyere hush puppy, and basil oil. Paired up with 100 Barrel, Docesna Czeck Hop.

Then came a Schweinshaxe (Crispy pork shank) – Slow braised pork osso buco, roasted spaghetti squash, bacon braised organix purple cauliflower, mostardo fruit, and a fresh baked pretzel roll. Paired up with Oktoberfest.

And finally a Spiced Chocolate Kugelhopf with a banana caramel sauce and sugar nest created by Pastry Chef Jean-Paul LaPierre. Paired up with Leviathan Tritcus.

Mr Harpoon, Ryan O’Keefe, doing his thing:

And of course a couple of the the happy and very satisfied diners:

This one was not taken that night, but I thought I’d include it since it’s one of my favorites:

Well done Andy. Can’t wait for the next one.


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