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About Me

My name is PJ and I’m a hobbyists/enthusiast/part-time photographer in the Norwood, MA area.

I fell into photography a few years back and discovered a whole new world. From the very beginning I jumped in headfirst, learning everything I can. I’ve taken workshops, read books, and experimented with all kinds. Over the years I think I’ve developed some kind of skills, although there’s always a million more things to learn.

I’ve done a ton of family shoots, other events like music shows, some food photography for a good chef friend of mine, and even got into wedding photography a bit. I was lucky enough to travel out to Santa Cruz to shoot a wedding in the Redwood forest. All fun and exciting stuff that can be seen on the home blog page and in my portfolio.

A few years back I did a 365 project, taking and posting one photo a day. It was a lot of fun, was very popular, and forced be to be creative and improve. So in March of 2012 I started a similar side project I’m calling “snapshots of my life”. It’s a personal documentary styled project. I’m focusing less on the technical aspects and more on those moments in time that I don’t want to forget.
That, in my opinion, is the best part about photography.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.¬† And if you do, don’t forget to subscribe and get email updates.


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