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Gavin – One Week to One Year

It’s been almost a year since I’ve even posted on this site, but it’s not for a lack of sessions. I’ve simply been a little busy with other priorities…So comes my G man monthly project. Same photo every month for the first year of Gavin’s life.
Happy 1st Birthday to the best little man I know.







Chrissy & Ed – Bermuda Beach Wedding – May 2012

I don’t shoot weddings too often, but I’ve been extremely lucky for being able to travel all over when doing so. Each one has been different and unique. From Foxwoods in Connecticut to the Redwood forest in California. So when I heard my sister-in-law, Chrissy, and her husband to be, Ed, were planning a Bermuda beach wedding I was more than psyched to be be able to photograph the occasion.
What better backdrop can someone ask for than a beautiful white sandy beach with big rock formations and crystal clear blue green waters? Add a stunningly beautiful bride and a sharp looking groom and my job was easy.

Chrissy and Ed, congratulations. We had a great time at your wedding and I am honored to have been able to photograph it for you.
The toughest part was narrowing down which ones to share on this post, but I think these sum up the day well.


Lil’ Ry Guy – Family Session – Walpole, MA

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up Jess, Mike, and Ryan again. A whole 6 months or so after our last impromptu little mini session. It feels like that was only last week and Ryans already like a whole new man.
So we met up over at good ol Bird Park and enjoyed the perfect Spring day.

And of course Auntie Lauren came by to hang out and let little Nemo run around