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Forgotten Santa Cruz

Forgotten only in the sense that I had forgotten I had more Santa Cruz photos to edit from my trip out there in November for Aili & Rob's Wedding. Santa Cruz is a great little beach town if you ever have a chance to visit. These were taken right around Thanksgiving meaning the loads of tourists were non-existent, which was great.
This is the kind of stuff I love to do. Traveling and sharing photos. Maybe someday I’ll learn to write better, Jenny Gavin and I will sell everything we own and make a living traveling the world. Better yet, Jenny can do the writing and I’ll do the photography. Gavin can just be Gavin.

Sunrise in Santa Cruz
Deserted streetsThe noisy sealsAnd of course the surfingI think this was more like “beginners beach”


Aili & Rob – Redwood Forrest Thanksgiving Wedding – Santa Cruz, CA

I’ve known Rob (or Robbie as I really know him) my entire life. Our families used to make trips down to Disney world 20+ years ago and our mothers were even good friends back in their highschool days. Something like 13 years ago he moved out to the west coast, settled down in Santa Cruz, and has been there ever since. I see him once a year or so when he makes his yearly pilgrimage to Camp Wulamat.
I can honestly say that I think Robbie is one of the nicest, most genuinely good people I know. Not only is he a ton of fun, runs all the football pools, and wishes he could beat me in poker, but he’s even the co-founder of the Coastal Community Preschool out in Santa Cruz.
I was only able to meet Aili for the first time this past summer, but from the first moment we all met her we could tell Rob couldn’t have found a better match.

Rob and Aili tied the knot this Thanksgiving in the red wood forest of Santa Cruz, it was one of the most unique and personal weddings I’ve had the pleasure of attending and photographing.

Here are just a few from the day:

Congrats Aili and Rob. I can’t wait to make it back out there for a visit!

More to come…

Jenny & PJ go to San Francisco

I’ve been slacking a ton lately, sorry. December has been a crazy busy month. From “real work” being busy, to weekends full of family shoots and holiday/reunion parties, to Christmas and new baby nephews being born. Needless to say it’s been a bit tough to focus on post production work. So this is my attempt to get back into it and catch up a bit.

Last month, over Thanksgiving, Jenny and I had the opportunity to travel out to California to attend (and for me to shoot) an old family friends wedding in Santa Cruz. (Such an awesome time. Those photos to come sometime next month). Trying to make the most out of the trip, we flew into San Francisco to explore a city neither of us have experienced much before.

My biggest surprise was how similar San Fran really is to Boston. It has the same feeling/vibe to it in a lot of ways. We were only there for a couple of days so we went the touristy route, which meant mostly just Alcatraz and cable cars for us.
It wasn’t the most productive or creative trip photographically speaking, but we had a lot of fun. Here are a few from the trip:

The craziest thing I found about Alcatraz was how close it really is to downtown San Fran.

Luckily, Jenny didn’t mind hanging on inside while I hung off the back of the cable cars…literally.

The one thing I really wanted to do was attempt to get a good shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn’t have the greatest light to work with by the time we got there, but I was happy with the outcome.