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Sculptured Rocks: CW (Final) Part 5

Here it is, the last post of my pseudo-documentary of Camp Wulamat 2011. Hope you enjoyed. I’m leaving it off with a place called Scultured Rocks, a place we’ve gone to jump off the rocks for as long as I can remember. It’s way out in the middle of nowhere…a little past ma and pa Kettles house.

I’ve wanted to get some good pictures of this place for a long time, so I got up nice and early and managed to have the whole place to myself for a while. For the rest of the album, see bottom:

Here’s the view from the bridge looking down either way:

The main jumping pool:

Then later on I came back with the whole crew. Here’s Kenny showing off his diving skills:

Only 333 days left until we go back. See you next year…

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The Big Dance: CW Part 4

It’s Monday night and you know what that means…time for the dance. You see, every Monday night at the CW rec hall there’s a dance. Every Wednesday there’s Bingo. And finally every Friday night there’s a big bon-fire.

It may sound pretty cheesy to the outside world, but it’s a good time for all us campers. It’s funny to see the kids get all excited and dressed up for the big dance.

So it’s run by the B-Boys, the young guys who stay for the summer and do all the “work”. No doubt, I’m sure the dance is actually one of their favorite parts considering they have new teenage girls falling over them each week of the summer:

There’s everything from the limbo to slow dances with the dimmed down lights:

But the big dance of the night is the kids “Virginia Reel”. Jake was ripping it up on the dancefloor all night long:

I just loved this pic when I saw it. Maybe it’s something about the generations. 4 generations of my family in this pic, just hanging at the dance. Plus I think all of the photos on the wall of past generations makes it that much better:

And I can’t get by without showing a little bit of Bingo. BIG money is won with these games. You may win $1.25 AND a piece of candy in any one round:

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CW Part 1: Intro

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More to come…


Nolan Family: CW Part 3

One of the great things about Wulamat is the people that you meet.  I feel like I’ve known Sarah and Mark my whole life. In a way, I’ve grown up with them at camp.

Over the years, Sarah and Mark have had their share of “camp loves”. We’ve even had discussions on who was the bigger player. *CoughmarkCough* So they’ve known each other a long time, but it wasn’t until a fateful night after camp when I had a little party at my house when things changed. Mark might have had a little too much to drink and Sarah decided she needed to drive him home. Well something sparked that night which eventually led to them falling in love. SO, of course to this day I take 100% credit for these two being united. The true camp love. They even got married at CW, it being one of the funnest weddings I’ve ever been to. And now they have themselves a perfect little family.

How awesome is this first one?

Lexi, the natural model:

Little Tyler was a trooper this day, sticking with us even with a high temperature:

The showers at camp. Boys on the left, girls on the right:

And I can’t forget about one of the other Nolan clans, Brian and Tammy with their growing family:

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Next up, I’m thinking the big dance.

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More to come…