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The Life and Times of D.R.

This past weekend we celebrated the life of one D.R., who just turned 40. All of his good friends and family gathered to grow some mustaches, drink some highlife, and have a good time. Kelly, my sister and Dan’s wife, did a great job planning and decorating the hall with all things mustached.
One of the big decorative points were the photos spread throughout of the life and times of Dan. So I figured I’d share a little bit of the collection I gathered from this great man’s exciting and unique life.

Dan’s fluctuated over the years with his weight, being very skinny as a kid

But later, decided to bulk up a little bit.

He spent a lot of his younger life as a male model

He’s rubbed elbows with some other celebrities over the years

And he’s also been on the presidential stage, working with presidents as both an adviser and in the secret service

For some unknown reason, he was even honored one year during black history month

In his spare time, he’s an avid fisherman

But perhaps his favorite achievement was helping the Bruins to win the cup

Happy Birthday Dan. Here’s to many more!

Blue & Nemo

Little G man wanted to meet some new puppies, so we headed down to Paula and Mike’s place last weekend to meet Blue and Nemo.
Blue and Nemo are Cavapoo brothers adopted from Hill Peak Pups. Blue adopted by Paula and Mike, Nemo by Lauren and Bill. They even flew out to Boston in the same crate. Having owners that are good friends means they pretty much get to grow up together, which is pretty fun to see.
These guys are next to impossible to photograph when together, constantly at play running around, but I think I managed to get some decent ones. So I figured I’d write up a little blog for fun.

Blue & Nemo

You can tell Blue is the big brother


Forgotten Santa Cruz

Forgotten only in the sense that I had forgotten I had more Santa Cruz photos to edit from my trip out there in November for Aili & Rob's Wedding. Santa Cruz is a great little beach town if you ever have a chance to visit. These were taken right around Thanksgiving meaning the loads of tourists were non-existent, which was great.
This is the kind of stuff I love to do. Traveling and sharing photos. Maybe someday I’ll learn to write better, Jenny Gavin and I will sell everything we own and make a living traveling the world. Better yet, Jenny can do the writing and I’ll do the photography. Gavin can just be Gavin.

Sunrise in Santa Cruz
Deserted streetsThe noisy sealsAnd of course the surfingI think this was more like “beginners beach”